Where to learn V5 Programming?

So V5 will now be using C++ instead of C, and RobotC will no longer be usable. I heard that you can use either the VEX Coding Studio or the Robot Mesh studio. Where can I learn how to use these?

Generally, there are tutorials on how to learn these languages and while I am concerned about the removal of RobotC (since that is the main language I am familiar with), I believe you should get the hang of it through tutorials and experimentation.

As far as I’m aware, VEX Coding Studio will look similar to Modkit for VEX (IQ), with options for written coding or block coding. Block coding itself should be pretty self explanatory.

The internet just so happens to be a great place to learn how to use these programs also.

Can V5 be programmed with Robot Mesh’s VEX EDR Python API?

VCS will eventually have all of these programming options (and I believe that they are also working on integrating Robot C++):
-Modkit Natural
-Modkit C++
-VEX C++
-VEX Python
-VEX Javascript
-VEXpro C++
-VEXpro Python
-Vexpro Javascript

To learn more about the coding studio and programming on it, check out this page. https://www.vexrobotics.com/v5-architecture.html

On this page, it also states that there will be sample code available.

That is Robot Mesh studio, the option you referred to in the OP.

There is still PROS with plain C being an option.

Do you know if PROS 3 is available for download yet? I visited the PROS website and I couldn’t find where to download it, it said stuff about “Release on April 27th” but obviously it’s past that now.

Really?! I’d much prefer this as I am WAY more familiar with plain C.

Not available for download. It wouldn’t be helpful without hardware anyway but the docs are public.


When can we download Vex coding Studio


if it is downloadable, where can we download it

Hi Joshua.

We are currently working on activity guides for the V5 platform. Until then, our API references for Robot Mesh Studio Python and Robot Mesh Studio C are available here: https://www.robotmesh.com/docs/vexv5-python/html/namespacevexv5.html https://www.robotmesh.com/docs/vexv5-c/html/vexv5_8h.html

You can also see the source code on projects Robot Mesh Studio users have made public. For example, here is a trivial RMS C program that runs a single 393 motor on V5: https://www.robotmesh.com/studio/239708

Here’s a RMS Python program that uses some of the new display commands, based on a VCS demo program: https://www.robotmesh.com/studio/235407

Do you all think there will be any “Translators” from RobotC to one of the VCS Languages? Because that would be super useful.

RobotC++ probably won’t be that different from RobotC. You don’t need an interpreter.

@Barin Okay Thanks.