Where to place the microcotroller?

Hello. I have never been good at this, but does someone have a good idea on where to place the microcontroller this year? Previous years, it was bad, which made my cable management terrible. If you have an idea on where to place it, please let me know. Thanks!

We try to put our micro controller somewhere central on our robot, with space around it. We find that the mast for the lift is normally the best place if space allows.

I’m kind of running into the same issue, but when in doubt put it down low.

We used to place it in the middle of the chassis, but then we realized that the center of the lift uprights/shoulder is often the best place, like Download Complete suggested. I think it lets your wires be neater this way and makes the vexnet key, battery cable, and power switch all pretty accessible. It also looks pretty good, too

By the way, you should change your thread title to something more specific like “Where to Place Microcontroller”

Or use zip ties to bundle the wires based on their function.

I say somewhere on the base in the center. That’s what our team is doing this year. For cable management I say zip ties near c channel