Where to purchase smoked Lexan?

Hello all,

I was wondering where one could order “Smoked” Lexan?

If my terminology is incorrect or you don’t know what I mean, 169’s Toss Up bots are good examples. https://www.facebook.com/team169

I would greatly prefer thicknesses of .030" or .040", but .0625" would be fine.


I would check at specialty plastics stores. Not sure if you have one near you, but we got our standard plastic from Laird Plastics, and I wouldn’t doubt that they have what you are looking for.

Otherwise, you can use clear lexan, and find some sort of vinyl that can be stuck on to it.


The Discobots use this type of Lexan, and it comes in various shades and thicknesses from this website.

You could also try http://www.usplastic.com I’ve purchased all of my lexan from them in the past, they have all sorts of stuff, so it’s just a matter of finding exactly what you want

We used some on our wings this year: https://www.dropbox.com/s/elydqeprlshdvva/2014-04-17%2022.20.32.jpg
We ordered it from andymark: http://www.andymark.com/product-p/am-2325.htm

Boedeker Plastics. They don’t kill you on shipping for small orders.

We ordered ours from Andymark and got it delivered in good time. It wasnt too expensive either.