Where to share livestream links?

We live stream most of our events in our state and was wondering if it’d be appropriate to share our event schedule here or in another area. Our streaming platform is youtube and our information is pulled from robotevents.com when we are creating our live stream events. Our youtube channel is: https://sctcc.edu/vextv. Our next event is on November 3rd, 2018 and the stream begins 10AM central time(UTC-5).

The Webcast and General tabs in RobotEvents are good places to post such links.

Livestream links are occasionally shared here too.

I personally don’t have access to that to manage the event on robotevents.com…hence why I was asking here. Sometimes we get the event host to do that but sometimes they don’t know what I’m talking about when I say live stream or remember the link to it.

In that case it would definitely be alright for you to start a new thread and post the link (especially considering some of the other threads that have been made). I’m not sure how much traffic it’ll generate but you could try.