Where to start in robotics ?

Hey everyone. This is my first post here and would like to ask a couple of questions about robotics.

I’m currently a student at a college majoring in electronics and communications engineering with the hope of becoming and electronics and control engineer. I love electronics and I’m always curious like what goes inside a phone or camera ? I am also very interested in robotics.

I live in a country where no place teaches robotics unfortunately. I’m desperate. I’ve been searching for places here in Kuwait for more than 2 years yet didn’t find any. Can anyone help me how and where do I start in robotics ?
Books ?
Videos ?

Hi Salooh, I’m going to move this to the “General” forum so that other users can chime in with their suggestions and experiences.

Thank you for your interest in learning about robotics! This is a very diverse field with much to learn, but everyone was a beginner at one point - there is a plethora of information out there for new users.

As a note, there is a large VEX reseller in the Middle East who may be able to help you to get started: Edutech, based in Dubai. In addition to just selling components, they also host workshops and provide educational training. They can be reached by emailing info@edutech.com . Edutech also operates the middle eastern VEX U event, which may be a great fit for you as a college student!

We would also recommend taking a look at the free VEX EDR Curriculum or VEX IQ Curriculum to learn more about robotics and the VEX system. While they can be used as a classroom curriculum, the content is designed to work in a self-taught setting as well.

In addition to all of the awesome resource links listed by VEX Support, I would also suggest checking out the VEX Cortex Video Trainer using ROBOTC for a step-by-step curriculum on programming a VEX Cortex robot using ROBOTC.

We also have a great, VEX-specific site designed specifically for instructors (but it contains many useful links, such as the Video Trainer curriculum and videos describing the engineering process), www.vexteacher.com

As a capstone to the programming skills that are gained in the curriculum, we are currently running a Robot Virtual Worlds competition: you can find more information on this competition through http://robotc.net/recf/

No need to worry. There are lot of ways, you can simply choose them and learn robotics easily. Go for the tutorial videos and books both. Also join the discussion forums to learn more. There is lot of stuff available just go for it. Also start practicing by yourself. What you read or watch implement it.