Where to start?

Im starting VEX EDR and I know how to build models with the instructions but Im struggling with coding. I couldnt find any useful materials or videos that teaching the programming. I looked at the vex site, I even bought a course in UDEMY but it didnt work because of the version difference. Can you give me some materials (or tell me how to find some) or show me the way please. Im also a teacher and I need to figure this out so I can teach the students (I have to). :slight_smile:

learncpp.com can help you learn the syntax of vexcode but for vexcode specifically I’d suggest looking over the examples that come with the software (under files open examples)

Additionally on the far right top corner (the question mark) there is a list of vex commands that’ll help you get started


You said VEX EDR, so you are using cortexes right? There is a program for the cortexes called RobotC which is a version of the C coding language. I dont believe vexcode will work on a cortex but dont quote me on that. RobotC has an interface that will show all of the commands but figuring out how they work would be up to you.

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vex edr is not just cortex, it includes v5


Im using V5, not cortex (right?). This one => https://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/V5-Clawbot-BuildInstructions-0720.pdf
The course on Udemy was about ROBOTC too, I tried but it has vexıq commands (motor,sensors) not v5 so I couldnt use it.

Ok, with V5 then you want vexcode. Vexcode has the text based commands and then the blocks. Personally i prefer the text based programming rather than blocks, but blocks are good to start with. Vexcode will have a “library” of commands with what they do. I would build a clawbot and just mess around with the commands. with v5 especially there are different displays i believe you can put on the screen like sensor values but i dont really know how that goes. My main suggestion is just play around with it after messing with the templated and precoded files.


If you are using Vexcode v5 text, a really good resource I have shown to my students is the vex c++ api. There are two versions which both have all of the commands you can run when programming in vex. I prefer the robot mesh api, which is here. Also I found that a good place to start for beginners in the text based program is using the competition template. It outlines all the necessary code for starting a vex project file, and explains the purpose of each function pretty well.


One thing I have to add is that this api was made for vex coding studio, which has since been discontinued. About 90% of the functions are still used.

The RobotMesh API documentation applies to RobotMesh Studio c++, which is a separate product from VCS or VEXcode and has not been discontinued. Many of the functions used in RMS c++ have the same names as equivalent functions in VEXcode/VCS, which is why the documentation appears to be quite similar. Nonetheless, it is not exactly the same and using the RobotMesh docs to program in VEXcode will probably get you into trouble eventually.

VEXcode text and VCS use fundamentally the same API, though VEXcode text uses a slightly newer version. The API documentation for VCS is available here, and the VEXcode API documentation (which is the one you should be using if programming in VEXcode text) is available here.


Thank you for the information, I was not aware that they released a vexcode test api.

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