Where to you turn in your Engineering Notebook?

Our recent competition was our first comp in VRC. We had an engineering notebook but had no idea where to turn it in. It probably is different for everyone but, for you, where do you turn in your engineering notebook at competitions?

At most events in Michigan, you turn in your notebook at registration. But it is up to the EP. If they don’t take it at registration, you can ask the registrars and they should know.


Last competition they made an announcement, and we dropped them off at the inspection area.

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At most competitions I’ve been to, you either turn it in when you check in or they’ll make an announcement later saying to bring it to the front.


We ask you to bring them with the robot and your controller to inspection. We used to do check-in, but found that all the stuff is in rolling boxes, etc. so there was opening of containers, rummaging around, etc. It was easier to check them in, have them unpack then have them do it at inspection. YMMV


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