Where transmissions ever good?

So I’ve been wondering, were transmissions ever practical? If so for what? I saw a bunch of cool designs for them just poking around google images.

Team 139A has one, for switching between a flywheel and Dr4b. You’d think that with the reduction from 12 to 8 motors for v5 we’d see them more.

yeah, that’s pretty cool. have they posted any pics?

Before you had to trade 2 motors to get pneumatics they were much more popular, especially on drives. Now it’s usually not not worth the complexity when you could just get 50-100% more torque from two more motors aynyway.

yeah that makes sense

You can use ratchets as 139 does. It is a bit of overengineering and you should not have to use them but it is very possible to do so without pneumatics.

a double ratchet? One of my friends used one of those to run his intake off his drive at the beginning of the season.

IDK why you would ratchet off of your drive, but yeah a double ratchet. They aren’t too bad to implement, but they do take a lot of space

yeah it didn’t work to well. We thought about using one to run an indexer and intake for our flywheel of the same motor but decided not to.

If I were building for this season myself, I would use a transmission with V5 motors. I would use a 4 or 6-motor drivetrain and have the option to divert 4 of those motors toward powering something else dynamically (with home-made differentials), maybe a double-catapult. With 6 motors in the drivetrain, that would leave 1 for an intake and 1 for a descoring arm, for example.