Where/When Will Divisions Be Posted?

When and where will the division lists be posted?


Take a look in this thread and see if you can figure it out. Last year they were posted hours late but you all had fun waiting :slight_smile:


says in the Q&A that it will be here: http://www.robotevents.com/2013-vex-robotics-high-school-world-championship.html

(not there yet)

Last year it was more than a few hours late, from what I remember it was about a day or so late and there was an easily 20-page-long thread going about it after the first hour.

That stinks…

Doesn’t give a lot of time to go through the list and strategize.

Let the impatience of excited roboteers begin to rear its ugly head. (Useless bump with a metaphor thrown in for free)

lol. Yes, this will be a lot of waiting (hope not)… just like a bear waiting through hibernation.

Is anyone bringing anything that isn’t an efficiency bot to Worlds other than us? It seems like everyone who was building anything defensive gave up.

Similes are cool too! This is much more exciting than school (psh who needs that)

Ya… Forget school. Divisions are WAY more important :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d think that defensive bots would try to be more secretive about their designs to maintain their strategic advantage. I’d even go as far as saying that defensive bots wouldn’t show their full potential in their qualification matches, as qualifying scores and rankings aren’t important to them in the slightest. There are maybe 40-100 teams going to Worlds that post at all on these forums (forget about posting “often”). At best that’s still only about 1/4 of the teams that will be at Worlds.

True. But I haven’t seen any.

We would not have revealed if our bot worked.

1471A was still in consideration to bring theirs after a complete reveal with videos, pictures and a full Q&A.

1200 showed the one that they (like you said) gave up on.

There have been tons of hints elsewhere if you look closely enough.

Rest assured, those robots are out there. Worlds is great at throwing curveballs at anyone and everyone no matter how prepared you come (see 2W Gateway as the most obvious, but not the only, example).

And they’re out! Only 1 hour late this year! Check the tabs in the robotevents page under “Results”