Which Auton Selector do you Use?

Hi everyone!
What auton selector does your team use usually?
I usually just load each of my autons into a seperate program slot.

  • Different Programs
  • Load between Matches
  • Auton Selector on Brain/Controller

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I have a separate auton selector program which saves the desired auton to the SD card. This file is then read by the main drive program to run the various autons. I prefer this method over having separate programs for each individual auton because I only have to change things in one place. The only drawback is that we need to remember to change the auton each time because it doesn’t require us to select it when starting the program.


I personally like my team using an auton selector on the brain. This is because we can draw rectangles (10) on the screen and based on what is selected in pre-auton, it will run one of 10 autonomous functions which are defined below in the code.


I personally find it more efficient to use the PROS LLEMU API which creates three buttons on the bottom of the screen, using the left/right buttons to change the alliance color, then the middle button to cycle through the different routines. You could also use the middle button as a toggle between red/blue, and then the left button to go back and right button to go forward through your list of routines. It’s much more compact, and it also allows you to fit more diagnostics on the brain LCD since the buttons are small and at the very bottom of the screen.

Also, I think there should be an option for potentiometer selectors; some people have a dial that they turn on a potentiometer to select their routines. Kinda cool.


The best one that I have witnessed is a potentiometer under a sprocket, with a screw and collar as an indicator. The screw head indexes at each detent between the gear teeth which gives the team a visual confirmation and is not affected by a brain / field reset.

I will have to remember to get a photo.


I use a potentiometer to choose between 4 different autos with a button that when pressed runs an alternate or modified route for auton

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I’ve written the code to use a potentiometer, and I always want to. My builder just won’t let me

An approach taken a few years ago was to use James Pearman’s button demo and use it set up features that you wanted your single autonomous program to use. For example, flag red alliance, and be able to test if you needed to turn right or left (all game dependent), starting positions, and actions to take (shoot ball, park, …)

This was done during TurningPoint using VEX Coding Studio… You should be able to import it into VEXCode Pro.


our strategy guy came up with about 10 autons, and i had to code all of them
but imo if you just do a scrolling one (one button for select, one button for next) it works really well


Oof, how many did you end up actually using?
And did you have the choosing interface on the controller or the brain?

We ended using 8 at worlds, and solo got us first in opportunity ms but we lost in first round :frowning:
it was on brain screen

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And one for back! It’s really painful when I’m setting a clock and I miss the right minute and have to go through all 60 minutes again.

I’m thinking about having a potentiometer on a gear or something where you can spin it and a diagram of the selected auton will show on the brain, maybe with a select button or something.

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Oh cool! I coded like five autons, and we basically ignored two of them.
We got to semis of MS Design

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