Which CAD is better?

My team had a debate about which type of CAD we should use (this is our first year using CAD) and we couldn’t decide between these 3: Fusion 360, Robot Mesh, and Auto Desk Inventor.

Which one is better to use for robot assemblies (especially for newbies) and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using them?


fusion and inventor are both good, use whichever you like most. robot mesh mimic isn’t really CAD. It’s good for testing code on a virtual robot but I wouldn’t use it for cad.


Why wouldn’t you use Robot Mesh for CAD? It acts and looks like the other CADs.

it isn’t as versatile as professional cad software. it doesn’t have all the parts, it doesn’t have all the constraints that inventor or fusion does, and you can’t make custom parts. Also no renders.


Ohh. Thanks for Enlightening me. I will tell that to my team members.

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Another point to take into account is cloud sharing. Some people prefer inventor, but Fusion does have cloud-based team options that are good if you’ll have multiple team members working on the CAD.


I use Inventor because I’ve found that it is a lot less intensive on my computer than Fusion, plus there is a great CAD library available for Inventor on the VEX CAD discord server (they’re making one for Fusion too)

Tinkercad is the best

Ok. First off. Why are you using tinkercad in vex when there are so many better packages? Secondly, please don’t revive dead threads.


fusion360 is personally easier to prototype with, and easy to run (i ran it on a like $50 laptop from walmart)