Which colour to paint my ROBOT or LED strips????????

Which colour should I spray paint my robot? LED strips and how to connect them to cortex?



How about chrome gold.

I always enjoyed seeing white robots, as it is subtle, but very clean looking.

Depends. It’s not as vibrant though.

Something that stands out, like yellow or orange.

Don’t paint it, cover it with this

That works too. My team was thinking about putting led strips on the bottom of the robot.
Have any of you tried that before?

Don’t be boring, use ws2812b led strips, they are individually addressable, so you can do cool patterns! As a bonus, they also run on 5v!

There ya go

Those look pretty nice.
But how can I control the colours?

Do blue

Which kind?
dark blue or sky blue?
Send a pic of which blue u r talking about

A microcontroller, the arduino pro mini knock offs work well

We are allowed to use arduino and non vex batteries to power the arduino on a VEX robot?

No. Karthik ruled it illegal here.

How can you power the led strip then?
and continuously change colours?

If i paint mine i’m going to want it black and navy blue. But that would be for nationals/worlds…


Could you post a picture of how you connected the El wire to your cortex. I have a LED strip that loosely fits into a VEX 4 pin wire (the ones for IMEs), but when I connect to the cortex it’s very dim. The EL lights look very promising, but before I consider buying a set, I’d be interested to see how it can be connected to the cortex