Which drivetrain is better for tipping point

i’m trying to make a decision whether to make my drive train either
5:3 200 rpm cartridge
3:7 600 rpm cartridge
my drive train will be a 4 motor drive

It matters what you want your robot to do. If you want a robot to carry more than one goal or is very heavy, you should probably use the 3:7 600 rpm drive. If you are going for a singular mobile goal design you can probably get away with 5:3 200 rpm. If you do 5:3 200 rpm, I would recommend 3.25in wheels. You can use any wheel type for 3:7 600 rpm drive.

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They come close to the same speed (5:3 200 is 333, which comes to around 270 rpm on 4" wheels, (which is the standard wheel type), when done on 3.25 omnis. 3:7 600 is 257 rpm), it’s only a 13 rpm difference. The one bigger advantage that 5:3 600 has is slop. This is because gearing something down for torque reduces the slop, where as gearing it up for speed amplifies it. 200 and 600 cartridges have about the same slop, so the 3:7 would have lower slop.
The 5:3 200 does have advantages, though. It is easily doable with 200 cartridges, which means that you don’t have to order 600 ones if you don’t have them. it is also recommended that you do 5:3 200 on 3.25 wheels, so you don’t have to do anything weird with idler gears or chain to get on 4" wheels. 333 on 4" wheels is also much faster than you should really go with a 4 motor drive, especially if you want to carry goals too.
I see that @Milo has posted before me.

Honestly, either one will work. the 333 one will be lower profile and easier to fit in with your design, but more sloppy than 257, and they will be close to identical in terms of speed.