Which flip out intake?

I decided to use a flip out intake on my robot for change up. I’m wondering which kind of intake flip i should use. Up down [1] or side [1], side seems harder but up down might block something.Screenshot 2020-10-15 203053

flip out from the side because then you have built-in intake suspension so you can have your intakes springier and open up to hug the center goal for active descoring.


if you need to descore going flip out from the side is almost certainly better, however, if you don’t think that will be a factor, the flip down from the top would most likely be easier to build, tune, could work better, and would probably only need one motor.

if you aren’t planning on doing any descoring at all (for example if you only plan on participating in remote competitions) then you don’t want to have side rollers at all. A top down roller would be much better for fielding.

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My team is struggling with this part too. We are building a robot that uses a lift, so we decided to make it flip out from under the lift sideways, and use it only for descoring. However, for your type of robot, I think both sideways and vertical works. I think vertical is more efficient in terms of space, but it’s harder to build. Overall, I would go with number two, but that really depends on your team’s situation. I hope this helps and if any of you have any advices for our team as well, that would be fantastic.

I recommend flipping out from the side if you have the space because (like Xenon said) you’ll be able to descore better. If you’re struggling with space, my team has the intakes flip down vertically, but we have a screw joint that allow the intakes to pivot inwards to still be able to descore the middle goal.

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When you flip down you have to make sure it locks in place since it will bounce around when driving or even intaking which could mess up your auton. People just need to use the meta design and they’ll be good.

My team has a double flip out that does both. It work for tight constraints, but it is very complex.