Which GoPro?

I’m looking to purchase a GoPro. I’ve been looking at the HERO3 White Edition. Is that good for sticking on a robot and recording matches? Is the quality good?

Which GoPro would you guys recommend me getting? Thanks!

I would PM Drbayer. He has a GoPro that he uses at the tournaments and it has fantasitc video quality. Check out his youtube page (Dakota Bayer) to see some of the footage he shoots.

GoPro - HD Hero3: Silver Edition Action Camera - Silver

I am finding that for $30 more at Best Buy, so for now I am going to stick with that.

Also, do both of the GoPro’s I have mentioned take an SD card?


Yes, they all take SD cards?

I didn’t mean to write the question mark :confused: They all take SD cards.

I’ve used both the White and the Black edition. Obviously the black one is going to better because it costs more. It really depends on how much you care about quality and editting options (fps, FOV).

With the Black edition you will get better features and quality. For starters, you get 1440p quality (better than 1080p, most TVs only see 1080p) at up to 48 fps (frames per second). I’ve heard that the eye can only see roughly 30 fps so 48 means you could go in slightly slow motion and still see the video clearly. The black edition also gets 720p at 120 fps (very slow motion!) and whatever other frame qualities are in between :stuck_out_tongue: . Buying the black edition will also get you the WiFi remote. This is pretty cool because you get the same screen on the remote that is on the GoPro so you will know when you are recording.

The White edition will get you 1080p quality with medium field of view an 960p quality with an ultra wide field of view. This doesn’t come with the remote, but it is available extra for $79.99.

The ultra wide FOV (field of view) in 1440p for Black edition versus the ultra wide in only 960p for the White edition is a deal breaker for me. I use my GoPro for scuba diving, snowboarding, and other activities, so I am going to want the best quality possible with the ultra wide FOV. With the ultra wide FOV you get a clear view of the whole field. I have not used the medium FOV in VEX, so I can’t say if the whole field would be visible or not, but you aren’t going to get the fish eye (wide panoramic) effect with just the medium FOV.

Here is a chart comparing the three Hero3 editions. Describes what I said, but in more detail.

If you go to my YouTube channel and look at the different competitions, I used the White edition at the first and second competition (Milwaukesha and Fondy Heat) and the Black edition after that. I recorded the video quality in 960p at 30fps in Ultra Wide FOV with the White edition and then 1440p at 30fps in Ultra Wide FOV.


EDIT: I saw your comment about SD cards. They take micro SD Cards, NOT the regular SD cards. If you get a Black edition I suggest a 32gb one and if you get White than get the 16gb micro SD. Also, another key difference is the picture (still shot) quality. With the Black edition you will get a very clear 12mp and with White you will get 5mp.

Okay, so a regular SD card, no micro SD. Good

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Awesome! Great info.

So, the Silver Addition would be good then. I don’t have $400, so I think Silver is the best option for me, and the stats look good. Would you recommend the Silver?

Most of the videos I would just like to get pulled off the camera and uploaded to you tube. I want 1080p :slight_smile:

Yeah $400 is a lot for the Black edition is a lot. On black friday I got mine for $329 which is a great deal for one. Here is a good deal on one, but they are currently out of stock.

The Silver edition is actually a better choice for only $30 more than White edition in my opinion. You get the Ultra Wide FOV in 1080 and 10mp photos - can’t complain!

On that chart I posted there is a strange difference if you plan on doing some slow-mo stuff. With the White edition you can get 720p at 60 or 30fps and with the Silver edition you only get 720p in 30fps. I can’t check that to confirm on the GoPro site because its blocked on school computer, but just pointing that out.

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We don’t see in fps, only cameras do…

That is why I said “I’ve heard…”

Maybe “I’ve heard that our brain can only process 30 frames per second” makes more sense.