Which IDE is VEXcode Pro V5 built on?

Is VEXcode Pro V5 built on VSCode? If so, can I use VSCode plugins on VEXcode Pro V5? How would I go about doing this?

VEXCode Pro uses the Monaco text editor for editing code, which VSCode also uses. It is not however built on VSCode itself, and is not compatible with plugins for the latter.


The main feature I want to implement is customizable code snippets.
Is there a way to make this kind of plugin for Monaco and then connect it with VEXCode Pro?

Not that I know of; VEXCode Pro isn’t really customizable in any significant way that I know. Maybe @jpearman knows some ways of hacking vscode plugins to work in VEXCode Pro.

Alternatively, PROS lets you use whatever editor you want, so if you’re willing to switch then that could be an option.


The only thing with PROS is that I don’t understand it.
And since Worlds is soon, I don’t want to migrate my whole codebase.
I’ll probably do that next year.
Code snippets aren’t really necessary so it’s fine.