Which is the better game?

Ok well this is really a follow up to a post from last year. Which game is better Round Up, Clean Sweep or Elevation, and to add another layer to this thread which is the better game for 2010-2011 Round Up (VEX) or Get Over It (FTC)

Come on VEXers what is your take on this???:smiley:

well we cant really compare round up yet with the other two because it is still fairly early in the season
between clean sweep and elevation i liked clean sweep better because there were more strategies and more diverse designs other than the dual tank tread system everyone used in elevation.

i personally think round up will be better (diverse designs AND offensive play AND lots of ways to play the game :))

Get Over It is SUCH a complicated game. I think Round Up as a game, though simpler, will result in as diverse a collection of robots as Get Over It, and that’s what distinguishes GREAT games from good games. That a small number of simple objectives can create a diverse number of designs and strategies was a strong point of Clean Sweep (2921, 8192A, 575, 44) all had radically different designs), and I think it’ll show up similarly in Round Up.

Game dynamics/diversity aside, I find the concept of goal possession and hanging more exciting. It adds an element of strategy that couldn’t be found in Clean Sweep. Also, tubes pose a greater challenge than spheres, footballs, and cubes do. I think as a game, I’ll enjoy Round Up the most.

Lol, I had no idea what “Get Over It” meant for a minute until I realized it was a FTC game :stuck_out_tongue: I found the game overview video and I’d have to agree with penguinfrk, it looks REALLY complicated.

I also have to agree with Round Up. Even though it’s still early in the season, and our team has only been to two competitions, I’ve seen a lot of unique robots than from Clean Sweep. For Clean Sweep, it was mainly building a bot that could dump a lot onto the other side. With Round Up, you have different ways of approach. You can pick up tubes in stacks and score all at once, descore, pick up tubes scattered the ground, or make a purely hanging bot. This years bonus actually makes people think. As most people have said before, it’s not easy to hang.

I really can’t wait to see more different designs for Round Up. Our conveyor belt type robot received a lot of praise and positive comments when we went to Maui, mainly due to the unique design/approach.

(To be honest, my first game was Elevation, but sadly I barely remember anything from it :\ )

Elevation- ALL THE SAME ROBOTS for the most part. i am going to say that 95% if not more of the robots were zippy-like. And for me that ruins a game.

Clean Sweep- a million ways to get the balls over the wall. some strategy with locking up balls and defense. I really liked the separation of alliances i don’t really know why but it was cool. I really liked how dumping over the wall both scored for you and “unscored” (Blake, say nothing it is better than the D word ;)) for your opponent.

Round up: i can already see a few different design ideas being used multiple times but overall i think there are enough ways to score tubes that it will not turn into elevation all over again. The ladder is a really interesting strategy maker and i really like that. The emphasis on autonomous (with the 10pt bonus) and the incredible hang bonuses are really cool.

Get Over It: the most complicated game i have ever seen (and i do FRC too) There are so many ways to score and even more bonuses. I feel like it is going to be incredibly difficult for spectators to understand which surprises me as FIRST had worked so hard to make FRC Breakaway so easy to watch and understand. I like the emphasis on teamwork with the dual balancing options.

Overall I am going to go with Clean Sweep for now but this is based off of very little knowledge of Round Up. I would not be at all surprised if by December i am all over Round Up and saying it is 10x better than Clean Sweep.


I’m going to call it right now: Get Over It is going to be a terrible game. It is far, far too complicated for an audience to follow, and possibly too complicated for the robots. You can only touch a very finite number of game pieces at a time, despite 100 being on field. The game pieces are colored, but they count for either alliance… very confusing. Really, you can sum up the game in three flaws: 100 game pieces when you’re only allowed to hold 5, stupid “terrain” challenges that are only a challenge because the FTC kit sucks, and an overabundance of tasks and scoring that can’t be counted on two hands.

Now with that off my chest: I think Clean Sweep is the best of the two most recent games. The wall in the middle is a big change from past robotics competitions and let people experiment with holonomy without having to worry too much about pushing or defense. There were a ton of ways to score and more than one way to win, which made it very interesting to watch.

I won’t judge Round Up, but I think it will end up being a lot better than Elevation.

Can anyone confirm if these are true? Maybe I didn’t pay attention watching the animation. I didn’t look up the manual. As far as I could tell though, you can hold more than five batons…?

And yes, there is so little room to maneuver in Get Over It. The terrains take up so much room, not to mention there are three baton holders protruding into the field and two rolling goals being pushed around. Frankly, I think more than half of the 12’ x 12’ field will be covered (robots, goals, mountain, cliff, floor goal, scattered batons) at any one time, and that’s just insanely chaotic.

The Manual states that you cannot possess more than 5 batons, and that is defined in the manual as contact.

The Manual also says that the color of the goal determines score, not the baton color.

It’s an overloaded game. I think they were trying to make the game not a “one task wonder” but the way to do that isn’t to make the game unwatchable either.

Holly cow…

Ummm FTC has done it again… Quite an interesting game.

Glad to see that Woody Flowers was kind enough to chroma-key himself into the FIRST HQ for FTC. :smiley: Wonder what he’s been up to.

Anyway, I liked Elevation, Clean Sweep and I am currently liking Round Up. Clean Sweep was hard but that’s not a reason to dislike it!


Magnet batons! Even the refs and half the players will be confused.

Well I’ve only played Clean Sweap and that’s a fun one. Round Up look hard.

I too believe that Get Over It is a waaayy overly complicated game, and I’m glad that we didn’t end up creating a team for FTC this year. And now after learning that you can only hold 5 batons, I have grown to dislike it. I do really like the 40 seconds of autonomous though, although it will most likely cut down on the number of matches, I like the idea of a long autonomous.

I thought Clean Sweep was better than Elevation, Elevation was a great game, but I didn’t like that 90% of the teams had practically the same design by later in the year, the dual tank tread pick-up. I liked the wall in Clean Sweep, although taking out some defensive play, I enjoyed it because it was a very big change from other games.

Now moving on to Round Up, I think Round Up will be extremely fun to play, and in my opinion is much better than any game I’ve played so far. The large autonomous bonus was something I’ve been looking for, ever since I got interested in programming at the end of my 1st year (Elevation), and was very excited to see it this year. Another thing I like is the ladder, a very big challenge, but worth a big chunk of points, which makes Round Up a very challenging game, which I believe will bring many different designs of robots, and many different approaches to the game. In Elevation there wasn’t a real way to (Hold your ears, Blake.) “De-score”, while in Round Up, there is. Also Round Up brought back the defensive play we all love to have in games, which was somewhat lost in Clean Sweep.

All in all, I think Round Up is one of the best games I’ve personally ever seen, at least in VRC/FTC, and I think it will be a very fun game to play.



Sure there was - One of our mentors built a device that did a very good job of reaching into the goals and pulling out cubes - Removing them just wasn’t an exceptionally profitable use of your time.


We have just finished two early events in our area and I have to say Round Up is seriously fun to watch. Lots of action going on all around the field. Scoring/Removing rings or stacking more on to steal one of 9 goals. autonomous making a huge impact in these early games. The robots way more advanced then I remember from December of last year.

Team 1727 from Baltimore made the trip up yesterday and brought the first robot I have seen hang during a match. They could high hang in practice but the robot got caught up in this match. I didn’t see all of their matches but my understanding is many teams opted to dedicate a robot to not letting them near the ladder. Just having a robot that threatens to hang changes the whole dynamic of the match! And yes I have a picture!

We had matches where the audience was shouting and screaming and one semi final that had the whole room on the edge of the seat where all the robots on the field started to only remove rings half way through with the winning alliance taking it by having the only single scored ring left on the field!

So I guess my vote is Round Up. :slight_smile:

Haha, yes I knew someone would yell at me for stating that. And yes, we were working on devices to remove cubes from the goals as well, which after a while we abandoned it because to us we didn’t think it was worth it.