Which kit should I buy?

I recived a vex starter kit for christmass and am wondering wether to get the **line tracking kit. light sensor kit. or optical range finding kit.:confused: ** i have the programing kit

Before you get any sensor kits, I reccomend getting the programing kit. http://www.vexlabs.com/vex-robotics-programming-kit.shtml

I have that. i have already created multiple atonomus and radio controlled at home and at robotics.

Instead of buying Vex Sensors, save your money and buy a Dictionary. :slight_smile:

The word you wanted to use in the title instead of “Witch” is Which".


Um… we should get back to topic. Which sensor should he get?

I am sorry, but I cannot help you much. I am on an FTC team and my robot uses none of the following sensors you asked about, so I don’t have much use for them. If you want to build a bigger and better robot than the one in the starter kit, i suggest you get a set of chassis rail http://www.vexlabs.com/vex-metal-chassis-rails.shtml or some more motors ect…

I’m sorry, but I don’t have an opinion here to give you.

optical encoders give you lots to work with, they measure how far you’ve travelled
light sensor, is kind of pointless without a few of them to follow a light, unless you’re on an FTC team
and the line follower is always fun

i recommend the optical encoders,

BTW plz watch your language, blake was politely correcting a mistake and you took it out on him

The ultra sonics are fun to play with. There neat! Pricey… oh well thats just vex. :smiley:

ya sure what ever thanks wizard what does the optical sensor used for

idk what you said without proper grammer but the optical encoders you place on your drive shaft and they output the number of clicks to an interrupt port, theres 90 clicks per full turn of the drive shaft, so you use circumfrence (d * pi) to calculate how far your robot has moved, the optical encoder is for precise autonomous stuff

the range finding do they detect a wall and then turn away if it is programed do do that is that what they are for.

Its kida like an invisible long range touch sensor so you don’t have to go all the way to the wall before it senses it.

Ok… Back on topic, I would get the optical range finding kit. I have not used any of these sensors, but it sounds cool to be able to have a bot that can go everywhere without hitting the wall.

ok thanks.

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so that people would notice it iguess

Ok unless I’ve missed something there is no Optical Range Finding kit sold by VEXlabs. That means that even if you found it by another company it would not be FTC legal. However there is and Optical shaft encoder sold by VEXlabs that allows you to keep track of rotations. Unless you know what you want your robot to do I don’t think we can help you decide which to get.

Ultrasonic range finding kit. no clue where i got optical range finding kit from.:confused:

does anyone have a line follower program (preferably with 4 motor drive) in easyc that they can post it would be a big help THANKS!