Which one is Nylon Which is Teflon

Are the clear washers nylon or teflon? thanks.

I think the white ones are teflon

The flat white washers are Teflon, the white spacers are nylon.

They’re all flat…
I think the metal ones are nylon

The metal ones are steel actually

No they’re metal not steel. There’s a difference.

Use aluminium washers they are significantly lighter

True. With enough wear, they lubricate themselves as well.

partially translucent white-ish washers are nylon.
white opaque washers are PTFE (Teflon)
metal washer from VEX are all steel. You can verify this with a magnet.

Teflon are better right?

Depends on your situation. Teflon are lighter (than steel of equivalent thickness) and lower friction than steel. However steel ones are thinner if that’s what you need.

Oh I was asking if teflon are better than nylon

Teflon has lower friction than so I would say so.

But steel is a type of metal?

No. Steel is a type of death.

Steel and metal are fundamentally different.

I don’t know if you’re trolling or just trying to be funny, and I don’t want to step on your fun if that’s what it is. However, for anyone looking for useful information, VEX-provided metal washers are steel. They (VEX) don’t offer any other type of metal washer.

And, of course, steel is a metal.

The standard vex structural kit (sometimes called “vex metal”) is steel. Test it with a magnet and it’s pretty evident.

The lighter structural kits are aluminum.

For attachment hardware:
Standoffs are aluminum.
The screws with black finish are mild steel, as can be confirmed with a magnet.
The shiny screws are stainless steel. I don’t remember the alloy, but it is not very magnetic. Because of that, you can separate the black screws from the shiny screws with a weak magnet.