Which Shafts Should I Use?

which axles where i am curently runing a dr6b and i dont know if i should buy them is it worth it

Our problematic axles were the ones that were between the two gears that held the first stage of the 4 bar. (if you have 84 tooth gears holding your first stage, the high strength 12t idler gears’ axles were the ones that bent)

I can’t really give a personal recommendation for them.

i am useing the same ratio is it just the axles in the bottom that are prone 2 bending or all of them

It’s probably best to start a new thread at this point since we’re fairly off topic, but keep in mind that we had our driving motors on the base of the DR4B, and the same issues likely wouldn’t occur on a DR4B with motors on the middle part.

We had to put motors on the base due to size issues, and I fully recommend putting them on the middle area instead. It decreases “bouncing” or “wobbling” on the upper section, and is easier to get the rubber bands balanced from my experience.

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maybe start a new one on your own :slight_smile:

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i am covering all exposed axle with spacers will that help at all or will i still have the same issue

The axle will still bend, it will just be harder to tell that it has :slight_smile:


if you notice axle flexing or bending, you really should use high strength shafts. you should also use a few tips to prevent axle bending:
-keep support towers close together as you can
-screw arms and such directly to gears, so the power isn’t actually getting transfered into the axle, the axle is just used as a center of rotation for the gears, which are bearing the load.


Wanted to share that we recently published an article in the Knowledge Base (help.vex.com) on supporting and capturing shafts. I hope it is helpful: https://help.vex.com/article/383-how-to-support-and-capture-a-shaft

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so far my shafts aren’t even wobbling i guess time will tell

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