Which Software to use???????

I started this conversation help new teams on programming for VEX. There has been a big conversation about using EasyC or RobotC.
Comment down the pros and cons of both software.

Use pros instead :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be harder to use for newer teams though.
Isn’t robotC similar anyways and easier to use?

I used pros my first year :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest I have never used pros before.
I use robotC currently
Is pros easier to use?

If you aren’t an idiot, yes. In my opinion, it is superior in so many ways. From auto bracket completion to reliable uploading, and even the simple fact of it’s dark theme, it is much easier to use. It also uses almost the same syntax as arduino ide! :smiley:

I will try it out then.
First time I have heard about this software!

For you, no matter which you choose, I suggest you use a custom IDE which collects extraneous punctuation symbols, and stockpiles them for later use.

Or, on a more serious note, consider that RobotC is free, and we have access on this forum to a very knowledgeable development resource at RoboMatter, @jpearman.

I’ve taught programming to elementary-age kids and up. I understand a lot of people like drag and drop programming. I haven’t seen any real difference in the kids’ ability to learn programming. So any drag and drop features don’t seem that important to me. That said, EasyC is a fine environment. Given that you have to buy the license, I’d consider that a downside.

I have never tried pros, but have heard great things about it. We have used both EasyC and RobotC and there is no comparison. RobotC is superior in most ways, plus it’s free and like @kypyro said there are tons of resources including the always helpful @jpearman.

The support team for PROS is impeccable. @edjubuh and crew generally reply to posts on the forum within minutes, and you can get near instant support on the VTOTW discord. (This is not to disparage @jpearman, I just wanted to commend the PROS team)

Huh? :wink:

Speedy response time here was clearly rigged. :open_mouth:

For the love of all that is civil and serene, don’t claim anything was rigged.

Okay. Probably an over-reaction.

Haha, I was just joking if that wasn’t clear. I think you understood that.

Yes. Me too. Carry on.