Which strategies do you think may be banned in the next game manual update?

Strayegies such as outside cap descoring

Outside cap descoring has already had a rule preventing the intentional version of it.

i hope they don’t ban side parking on the center platform, also, there is a slight loop hole in the rules where a robot could touch the high flags by jumping

@Joey The Great Why would they ban side parking?

Why would they ban skills and bo3? The GDC and RECF operate in strange ways…

Oh god they could ban side parking?!? That would completely screw over my team and our robot design if that happens.

Unless you have a drive that is 5" high centered with the wheels to that size,

I do NOT agree that there is a loophole at all.

<SG2> Robot expansion is limited once the Match begins. As per <G3>, at the beginning of a Match, each Robot must be smaller than a volume of 18” (457.2 mm) long by 18” (457.2 mm) wide by 18” (457.2 mm) tall.
a. Once the Match begins, a Robot which is contacting the Expansion Zone may expand vertically with no height limit. However, once fully outside of the Expansion Zone (i.e. no longer contacting it), the Robot must return to a height limit of 18” (457.2 mm) tall.
b. Once the Match begins, Robots may expand, but no horizontal dimension can exceed 36” (914.4 mm) at any point during the Match.
c. As a result of this rule, Robots may not contact High Flags.
Note: A Robot which interferes with gameplay as a result of violating this rule, such as Toggling a High Flag or blocking a launched Ball while outside of the Expansion Zone, will result in a Disqualification, whether the interference is Match Affecting or not.

<SG7> Use Game Objects for gameplay. Game Objects cannot be used to accomplish actions that would be otherwise illegal if they were attempted by Robot mechanisms.
a. High Flags may only be contacted by Balls that are not being contacted by a Robot.
Note the two bold parts of the two rules shown above. Particularly SG7, this would preclude a robot jumping to toggle a high goal.

what is center parking? Tipping your bot and driving directly from the ground up to the center tile? That sounds a little OP to me…

It’s not as over powered as it sounds.
One of our competitions had two bots capable of side parking reliably, but only one ever successfully did it in a match.

Plus it would give an extreme advantage, back in SD we have several robots that try to get on the platforms but get stuck on the alliance platform. If you can go directly onto the center platform you don’t have to worry about the other robot getting stuck on the alliance platform.

with skills and bo3 they had reasons for what they did, although many disagree with those reasons they still had them but what could possibly compel them to ban side parking.

I agree, vex won’t ban side parking due to the fact that they encourage ingenuity.

According to the rules you are allowed to hoard more than two objects, and block access to a hoard as long as the hoarded objects are not in the four corners of the perimeter. (i.e. You can hoard objects in the “corners” made by the flag poles and it’s perfectly legal, regardless of how much you defend the objects.

I probably missed the memo…
What is side parking?

Its when a robot gets on the yellow from the foam tiles, I’ve seen a couple bots do it.

aahhh… we were debating figuring out a way to do this.

That makes more sense than what I was thinking… getting to the yellow, then flipping yourself over to make it harder to be pushed off.

You can try a bogie drive, but it takes up a lot of motors.

The girls are thinking of a rebuild for the robot. I’ll be following this thread.

what method would you use to boost yourself up to the yellow platform from the side?