Which strategies do you think may be banned in the next game manual update?

We’re working on a bogie drive with 2 V5 motors. We haven’t tested it in its current state yet, but it looks sort of promising, depending on how our other object manipulators work. I think mass and weight distribution will have a bigger effect than motor distribution, but idk yet.

@Royal_Freedom so tank treads and rubber wheels to drive up the side of the platform?

No tank treads, but there are six wheels. The front two on either side are on a pivoting U-bracket, and are driven by one motor and a 1:1 chain. I posted a picture of the pre-rebuild version in this thread. The back two wheels are not driven. Ideally, with some rubber banding for shock absorption, the bogies would rock back on contact with the platform and climb because the bogies will always tilt to match the slope of the pipe and keep both wheels on contact. Our preliminary tests failed, of course. Depending on what we do for a launcher and intake, we may have room to power the back two wheels as well.

@Royal_Freedom That looks good. How well can it stand up to being pushed from the side?

@meepmeepme I guess that’ll depend. Currently the front front two are rubber and the rest are omnis, so if it’s pushed it’ll just pivot on those wheels. If we do all-rubber on the front bogies, I don’t think it’ll be pushed around easily, but I’m not too sure.

Will post a reveal once we get all the stuff on it.

I think that our sister team can side park. They the back wheel and a central 3.25" traction chained together and the front wheel is chained to a raised 3.25" traction wheel to be able to side climb. Or that is just so they can climb the ramp normally