Which strategy are you guys using for over under?

  • Directly shoot match loads into goal
  • Shoot match loads to the other side; tm8 pushes them in
  • Second option but you push them in
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The other poll had some problems so

  • Directly shoot match loads
  • Shoot match loads for tm8 to push into goal
  • Shoot match loads to other side, and you push them into the goal
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While I totally agree with collecting data through the use of vex forums and I approve of your question, are those the only strategies you have considered? Those aren’t even really strategies they’re just offensive and defensive roles. To answer your question, I plan to have a robot that is 100% offensive and can intake triballs from across the barrier and score them. 66w drivetrain, 11 watt intake, and 11 watt toggling system for the intake(no pneumatics :disappointed_relieved:). The toggling system will also be able to hang. What is your plan @omegaman?

We shoot match loads directly into goal

The way I see it is that the most effective bots will be able to do all of it, that way if they get a teammate that can do one but not the other they’re ok. The question shouldn’t be which strategy are you using because it will change from match to match.


How is this even possible. We cannot even throw it in ourselves with over 100 tries with my team.

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