Which strategy works best

Now my class is in a dispute about what strategy works the best.
The strategies we have come up with are
Focus on height
Focus on speed
And focus on the 20 pt zone
I want to know which is the most effective. If you have any other strategies, I’d like to know too

all of them, on a serious note, 20 point zone and speed for early season, speed will net you more points than the highest stack

do your 20 point zone stuff during autonomous, and focus on the mobile goals where you can get lots of high stacks but still use internal stacker speed. Mostly, just design your lift to be really fast so you can still get high stacks without losing lots of time.

generally just use the minimum highest stack you need to win and evenly distribute as much as you can. Mix the two strategies rather than choose between them.

no, i understand the auto bonus is alot, but with 2 cones you can claim the highest stack in the 20, reducing your 10 point lead to 5, meaning that with 3 cones more you could win. I really despise this strategy and while i understand it its definitely not the best

If you want to be the best, you basically have to do it all (or, alternatively, do one thing very well and have a partner who can do the remaining task(s) well with no inconvenience. See: cube-only robots in Skyrise, field-only robots in Nothing But Net).

Or stop everyone else from doing anything :wink:

I suppose I should have said, “be the best offensive robot.”