Which type of motor is better for intakes?

Which type of motor is better for intakes? 200 rpm or 100 rpm ?

200 rpm motor (green cartridge)


200 RPM is going to allow you to intake cubes much faster than 100 RPM, with the tradeoff being torque. It depends on several other factors on your robot, such as tray angle, intake design, etc.


so would 200 rpm motors be good for 45 degree angle tray?

Ours is an even higher angle and we are able to use 200 RPM motors, doesn’t hurt to try. If it doesn’t work try increasing your compression.

we had issues compression in the past where we would just intake 3-4 cubes and it would just fall out

Try increasing your compression by rubber banding your intake in a little bit. You could also add intake locks at the bottom of your tray to hold the intake arms.