Which type of wheel/motor combination to use?

Hi! Me and my teammates are considering different wheel and motor types for our robot. Our robot is designed with the following features:

-4-motor U-shaped chassis
-Truckbed made of plexiglass and plates

In theory, the robot we are designing should be able to carry 2-4 goals. We are wondering which type of motors and wheels to use. We want to be able to carry these goals on the platform in the truckbed without the weight pulling us off. Essentially, we need a high-torque drivetrain with enough power to pull 2-4 mobile goals onto a platform (realistically 3). We have access to the following.

-Traction wheels
-High-torque motors
-Normal speed/torque constant motors

Thank you!

Before you buy any Plexiglas, better check R-10a in the game manual. Plexiglass is an illegal plastic. Most teams use polycarbonate, but there are other options as well, like ABS. robosource.net is a good source for legal plastic materials.


Oh, ok, thank you!

20 char

This might not be what you wanted to hear, but just build the robot. Just pick a design, and try it out. It may take longer, but it’s much better to learn through trial and error rather then just jumping to the solution. You’ll be much more experienced and the concepts will make more sense.

Also, everyone’s robot is different. What may work for my team will be completely different that what is the best option for your team.


if all you’re doing is holding goals in a sort of bed, go for a 6 motor drive. you do not need 4 motors to grab goals and put them on your robot, you can easily do that with 2.

with a 6 motor drive, you’ll have more torque to play defense, push through goals and robots, and climb the platform with a heavy load.

if you aren’t confident with gear ratios, going 6 motor 200 rpm on 4" wheels is always a safe but decent choice. You could go faster than that if you want to, though you might want to stay below the equivalent of 300 rpm on 4" wheels.


With a 6 motor drive, I’d suggest going a 280 (200 7:5) on 4" wheels. It may be a little hard to control at first, but some drive practice will help a lot. This should have plenty of torque with a 6 motor drive, and enough speed to get ahead of most drive types, which is important on a mobile goal only bot.

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