Which VEX Change Up Robot Design Is Best

Which design do you think is best? Which designs do best against others?
What types of strategies can you do with different robot designs?

Write down your thoughts.:grin:

this conversation has already been discussed on many different topics, no need for yet another topic for discussion.


There are many topics on this but I’ll bite. Early season it will be close between tray and snail, but I see good teams being more effective with snails, late season I predict snail.


Yah but if played right and strategically tray bots can beat snail bots. The big thing is who wins autonomous since autonomous is a large portion of the points and gives you a good start to the match.

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Strategy is probably 70% of this game, and anything can happen this season, but I predict well tuned snails just overall being more efficient than trays late season.


What advantage do you think tray bots have over snail bots?


The best snail > the best lift


That is 100% true. However some trays > some snails


Yes, and the best wallbot can beat the worst snail. I don’t see your point lol

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a hood is just going to be better than an equally well built tray because hoods just lift the balls, while trays have to lift the weight of the ball and the tray.

also hoods just can do things trays can’t, like cycling.

so a good tray will beat a mediocre hood, but a good tray will always loose to a good hood.

EDIT: not to say that you should never build a tray, if you do a good job with it you can still beat hoods early season, especially in less competitive regions. but by late season, I think trays will have become pretty obsolete.


I’m saying there are reasons to attempt a tray, and not a snail. Just because you don’t see the reason doesn’t mean there isn’t one. While said reasons may not be applicable to you or many other teams, they are to me at the current moment. If you would like me to further explain I would be willing to in a PM but don’t want to state personal reasoning in a public thread


I think trays can do really well late season but my reasons why I also won’t say publicly


So you’re debating on which design is best, but won’t give your reasons. Fine, but in that case just stop talking about it.


well then there’s not much discussion to be had. if you won’t tell us why you think trays are better, there really is no debate, hoods are slightly superior in almost every way, which adds up to a better design.

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I’ll say some reasons😂

A tray bot can be faster than snail.
I’ll be posting a video of my robot fully finished when it will be faster. And in which ways it is faster.

it can be faster than a snail, but a snail can be faster than a tray. this sums it up pretty well:


Yes I agree a bit but this works better:

Snail speed>lift speed
Lift strategy>snail strategy

What strategy can a lift do that a snail can’t. Lol

4 balls in a tower in a certain color pattern can mess up the cycle of a snail bot