Which VEX Change Up Robot Design Is Best

There’s many other strategies but I said before I don’t want to mention all of them

The fact that snails are faster means that their strategy against a lift will always be just following the lift and undoing whatever they attempt since naturally the snail will be off to an early lead.

First, snails can overfill a goal as well. Second, no, it does not mess up the snail’s cycling, they can easily descore two balls from a tower.

Then there’s no discussion to be had. If you started this discussion to bounce ideas off the community so that we could brainstorm together and possibly reconsider the general consensus that snails are better than lifts, you need to actually present those ideas.


A the end of the day robot design doesn’t matter. Its a coin flip to see who wins.


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This is not true. For instance, a clawbot with the best driver in the world would not beat a snailbot with the best driver in the world, or even an average one for that matter.

This is not true either. Games are never just random chance, the winners win because of the capabilities and speed of their bot, their strategy, and how practiced they are. If we compare a snail bot and a lift bot both with their aforementioned qualities that are as good as humanly possible, a snail bot will win. Of course in early season, it matters much less, but snails will be dominant late season because of this, unless @64811AOverHeat is withholding critical information that changes it.


You want to dm me some leaks?:smirk:

Not necessarily. While robot design alone won’t cause a team to lose/win a match, it is one of the biggest factors in determining the outcome of a match.

Imagine a match starts out completely fair, like a coin flip. Either alliance has an equal likelihood of winning. Then, when you consider many different factors, the balance starts to tip. For example, a team with a better designed robot improves their chances a little bit because of the superiority of their design. Adding in other factors such as driver skill and code, this balance will shift even more. Once all of the factors are taken into account, a more reasonable probability of the outcome of the match appears.

So, while a team with a snailbot is not guaranteed to beat a team with a traybot, the superior design does increase their chances of winning.


there is no strategy that can be used to completely stump either types of robots, both can be competitive. hood is just slightly more competitive than a tray.

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I’m a little confused about the point of this thread if we’re all sharing ideas that we think are good but you’re withholding what you think to be gamechanging lmao


A tray lift can “hover” over a goal to block it. They can slurp up balls that are trying to be scored.


its possible to give hoods this functionality


One possible strategy of a tray is to tip itself and become a wallbot, similar to how some teams did this in tower takeover, but I don’t see how that could ever be beneficial. Realistically, all the wall can block is 1 goal, which would be kind of pointless to do, at the expense of all scoring capabilities.

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Do you doubt that snails can tip? :rofl:

I mean overall I don’t disagree that trays COULD have superior strategy to some teams with hoods. A tray with an elite driver and strat could likely beat a decent driver of a good snail with okay strat. Maybe even a good driver with poor strat may lose to an elite tray with elite strat. Regardless, with all other factors equal, hoods are faster than trays, and better, from a raw power standpoint.

Also tbh auton is another thing. A good driver with a good snail will likely lose to a good driver with a good tray who wins auton. Again I may be wrong but I think auton is op this year, and is ridiculously difficult to overcome. So a lot of times trays could beat snails, with proper driving, coding, and strategy. Trays are dependent on coding driving and strat where as some hoods may be able to get away with raw power because they are naturally a more efficient theoretical design. I would still argue there are some reasons to choose trays, I won’t bother making a whole chart, but I personally have reasons to build an early season tray.

Snails are faster, so with equal programming skill, it would win auton.

With equal programming skill, yes. If you take too much time to build/get comfy with a snail auton will suffer. I would rather be comfy with a tray and have the better auton than be comfy with a hood but have a weaker auton. But yes, I agree, equal skill and time invested, hood SHOULD win. Personally I think programming trays may be easier, but also maybe not with sensors and goal aligners so idrk.

Edit: To be clear I am not siding with trays because I think they can win auton easier.

This thread is so dumb. :neutral_face:


@Xenon27 so far is the best robot I have seen out of the reveals. But due to Summer as well as the quarantining it’s really hard to tell as:

  1. Reveals are a rough estimation of the competitiveness of a robot
  2. Many robots don’t just depend on the robot itself, but the driver
  3. Many complex designs appear to be consistent in the reveals but may be extremely unreliable in practice.

Although I do agree, I would like to respond with “What else is there to post?”
At this moment and time, much of the forum would go to a screeching halt without these chit-chat threads due to Coronavirus, Summer break, and School closures. That being said, sometimes a dumb thread of two has purposes that aren’t dumb, as it ensures that the community continues to be centralized and maintain traction on this forum.


If he really had a reason he would share, no need to pretend there’s something everyone’s missing except this one guy.

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