Which VEX Change Up Robot Design Is Best

Its a joke. I was just messing around.

Early season nobody’s really missing out. In fact, thanks to livestreams and everything being recorded it’s almost impossible to miss out on the majority of the time. There are some exceptions here and there, but the most important thing really is to have a reliable robot with good driving skills, that’s all. But if you’re joking around, I would really love it if you provided some of your opinions in this thread rather than your only two posts being for laughs and giggles. :slight_smile:


very true, I haven’t even run my bot on a full field yet so I can’t really say if the pooper/hoarder will be that useful in matches.

also true, the game this year is great imo because you can do really well with a simple robot with good driving and good coding, but you also have a lot of opportunity to have a more complex robot.

true as well. my pooper has proven in testing to be very consistent, but the hoarder I will admit could use some improvements, I’m going to try use standoffs with rubber links instead of a rubber band that could snag on an opponent and snap.

I’m liking this game more and more as the season is progressing, at first I was disappointed from the lack of engineering challenges, but now I realize there is a lot of innovative opportunities if you want to take advantage of them. for every gadget I have on my robot, there are like 3 that I thought of but chose not to pursue.


I think MJS’s bot is looking better than 99999v so far ngl (sorry @Xenon27). They’ve got some additional mechanisms that have been kept under wraps and weren’t shown in the reveal, but out of what has been shown to the public eye, 99999v’s poop mech and overall versatility in the change up field is very exciting. Can’t wait to see what people come up with this year.


I can’t deny that mjs has a probably slightly faster cycle time than my robot. and the utter simplicity of it makes it good. but I think having some gadgets to help with sorting is a good idea, and there’s not really any reason that a pooper should slow down cycle time at all, so the only tradeoff for having a pooper is the extra complexity.

I don’t think there’s anywhere to go other than more complex tbh, mjs’s cycle time looks like the physical maximum possible, unless someone makes a hood that actually shoots the ball down into the goal to boost the fall speed of the ball, but that seems unnecessary. I would be very happy with this game if it turns out that there are so many different gadgets and mechanisms you can use to gain an extra edge that every team has a different style of robot, even if the main system is the same.


MJS Cycle seems twice as fast as 99999v’s bot. I think its faster to not have a sorter and to simply just back up and outtake. But it is one SUPER cool design

I’m rebuilding a hood bot because of GDC’s change to the corner. The big reason I built the lift is that I was able to use my roller to lift up the ball above the stuck one.
This was going to be a huge strategy for me but now because of the change its best to rebuild to a hood.

definitely not twice as fast. It takes me < 1 second to fill a goal completely, also takes <1 second for them. they’re maybe a tenth or 2 tenths of a second faster.
I think that having a sorter is going to be well worth the complexity, it saves time that a non-sorting bot wastes spitting out the balls they don’t want


ok :man_shrugging:
Can’t wait to see how your robot perform in competition. Your sorter is definitely very unique and amazing I hope you do well.

Could you explain this a bit further?

(And to be clear, ball locking has not been viable for over a month now. Hopefully in the future you’ll be able to stay more up to date on competition resources.)

I think they mean that they could lift the ball above the locked one and descore it from the top which is is(if my guess was correct) illegal.


Nope we dont do that ill post a video soon

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Heres the video on why the corner problem is not a problem but a stratdegy.

not sure what makes you think a hoodbot couldn’t have done that just as easily, but it doesn’t really matter because the ball locking hasn’t been an issue since the may 25th update. also you might want to check your goal dimensions, as you basically tickled the ball and it got unstuck, where in the proper sized goals the balls were really jammed in there. if you can remove the ball smoothly, your goal tolerances are too large.


it may be harder for hood bots which is why it would be a huge stratdegy for lifts.

There is no reason why lifts and hoods could be better or worse at “unlocking” a ball from the corner goal, it all matters on the intake design. Also, this is no longer a strategy, it was fixed in the May 25th update, there should be a zip-tie or a stand-off in the back of the goal preventing ball locking.


yes i know

20 characters

Black Bear.

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Tray bots can essentially add as much additional capacity as they want while snail bots have to work with the space they have inside the 18x18x18 starting limit.

In the end of the day what will make the difference in a match for most cases will be the skill of the driver and strategy.

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