Which way do motors spin

If I was to look at a motor face on and give it positive power, which way would it spin? Clockwise or counterclockwise?
V5 Motor.PNG

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no idea, but my instincts say clockwise. you could easily test it with a small code.

I am at home without my robot ATM. I am doing some last-minute code stuff before a tourney (like fixing which way our robot goes with joystick values). I am also assuming clockwise unless I am told otherwise.

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ah I see.

For the last few weeks we have not had a need to fix it. Now we do.

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What coding language are u using?

VEX C++ for V5

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The motors have a circular arrow on the back to show which way they’d rotate

Is it VCS?

Vex C++ is VCS so yes.

So then if you got to the “motor selection” tab (not the coding place), but the place where you pick the motors an their names, and you click on a motor, you can choose if it will be regular or reversed. It will also show the direction it spins.