Which way is up

Is there a standard or tradition for programing a joystick to raise the arm? We have (8) robots and I would like all to use a standard so they can easily drive each others robots. Do you push or pull the joystick? On a tractor with a front end loader, you pull the lever to raise the bucket, on an airplane you pull the joystick to raise the front end. What do gamers and drone pilots do?
Is there a tradition for driving robots,most of ours use the left joystick to drive and the right joystick for the arm?

I have mostly seen pushing the joystick to raise the arm and pulling back lowers it.

But our kids are not farmers so they may not have that experience of a real front end loader.

You can program it however you want! Personal preference.

Everyone I have seen up on joystick raises the arm but some videos games are realistic and have down be up.

I would say ask the kids.

Drivers are only supposed to be for a single robot so everyone being able to drive eachother’s is not a big deal. Do what the driver feels comfortable with.

Just ask the driver and see what they prefer. I have scene every possible configuration. There is no real convention that is followed.

Code whatever the driver wants. It’s best that way.

I had to write my own drive code for one robot this year because the guy wanted strafing on the shoulder buttons with Tank Drive on the joysticks. Don’t ever tell them they have to drive the robot the way it’s programmed, program it to drive how they want it. The easier the controls are to learn, the better they will be.

If you meant just for a demonstration or for cycling drivers through robots, though, make pushing the joystick up raise the arm.

What we’ve usually done is tank drive on the joysticks and increment the arm position (we have presets and use PID, so we just shift the target value each time it is pressed).

You could have jumpers be different control methods, so if a new driver has to drive, they just have to change jumpers, not download a new program.

Alternatively, put each control set in a loop and have it jump to the next loop when a button is pressed.

We do the arm on the buttons on the top of the controller instead of on a joystick.