Which Web Browser?

I know, I know, this has been done before but I want a more recent one and one including the new browsers.

and u bash me for doing a poll that has already been done before

lol this one has new options though now that FF3 and IE8B1 and O9.5 are out


I am waiting for Firefox :wink:

as long as you are using mozilla :wink:

but seriously all the good add-ons are compatible with Firefox 3, and its just better than Firefox 2 :smiley:

there isnt really ant glitches that need to be fixed eh

ALWAYS!!! :wink:

Don’t use many plugins, so I am not missing much.


Firefox 3 Vulnerability Found

Get Security Fixes Firefox****3,
3.0.1 Fixes ‘Carpet Bombing’ IssueFirefox