Which zone do you prefer?

Obviously this can depend on the circumstances, but which zone does your team generally play in?

I am curious to see whether or not a majority of people prefer one zone over another.

Our past robots have all liked the isolation zone but our new one will be better for the interaction zone, but will still be good for the isolation.

our bot has autonomouses that effectively utilize either zone. the scoring on the opposite 20 is something we cannot do but otherwise isolation is nice because it can be cleared so easily due to the positioning of the goals.

isolation due to the nature of our robot :wink:
i think top “efficiency” bots will have a good autonomous for both zones

I like isolation mainly because there is a definative pattern to the objects and the area can get cleared in no time.

Our autonomous works in both zones, but it’s more strategically valuable in the Interaction Zone as it scores in the center 30" goal. It also scores 3 pieces in Interaction and only two in Isolation.

Another reason we prefer Interaction is because our wheel base is very powerful and our robot is big and heavy, making it good for interacting.

We only play Isolation when:
A) Our ally’s interaction zone autonomous scores more points in the center goal than ours does, or
B) Our ally’s robot is built to pass objects over the gate to the iso bot and can’t reach high goals, or
C) Our ally is a wallbot.

My team usually plays interaction, but we can do well in isolation too. However, I am much more used to driving in interaction, so when I play isolation I usually stand in the spot closest to interaction and have my alliance partner stand in the spot closer to isolation (if they don’t mind). I probably should practice driving from multiple sides of the field, but this has worked for me this year. Anyone else do this?

Green Egg does this Owen.

And I perfer interaction, since I’m a wallbot. I did have to play isolation at my meet yesterday though :slight_smile:

I prefer interaction mainly because my robot is geared for interaction type driving. (literally! :wink: ) I have only once played in isolation at the first comp. I went to. Basically my rule of thumb is this: Lighter, faster robots in isolation. Stronger, more durably built robots play in interaction. It has worked out pretty well so far.

We really don’t have a preference; Isolation brings benefits such as elements of only your color making it easier to pick up and score, but Interaction brings the benefits of Match Loading.