White powder on the axles

The axles on my robots wheel base has white powder.Is this a problem?

I have a robot which has powder buildup from the axles wearing the plastic holes. My robot sometimes carries 17 pounds of spare parts in a bin on its back. The 4 axles all have a little plastic powder. Now, this robot has been running at events for a couple of years. The wear does not worry me. It is slow and the parts can be replaced if it ever becomes a problem.

This is what happened to some of my pieces last year. It didn’t hurt the robot at all as far as I can tell.


Some power is normal, but the amount in your picture seems excessive to me. Does your robot have chains or tank treads that are very tight? Or is something out of alignment?

Last year our team was using very tight chains. So tight they needed quite a bit of wear to start working well and consistently. As we were disassembling the robot at the end of the season, we found nice oval holes…

jrp62, these pieces were from last years robot and some of the parts were from the drive, but this was at the end of our season after I took apart my robot.