White Tape for Skyrise Field Grid

Is this just regular old white electrical tape? Or is it something different. Without giving too much away, we MAY want to use line tracking in the autonomous.

There are a lot of white tapes out there. Does anybody know the specific type?

Please don’t tell anybody about the whole line tracking idea. :smiley:

I buy bags of plain-old 3M electrical tape for events every year. It’s the same as you get in the game kit.

Why do you think they put tape on the field in the first place ?

You do realize this is a public forum with teams viewing from all over the world, right? :slight_smile:

But, yeah–the tape is certainly “just” 3M electrical tape.

We’ve tried the off brand via mail order and found the 3M tape works much better. Some off brand stuff will leave residue on the field.

Why not just use what comes with the kit? If you need to move the field, just cut the tape along the edges of the tiles. I saw that done a few of the fields at Worlds.

I wish VEX would print the white lines on the field tiles instead on that tape mess. We have been too many tournaments where the tape was missing,:mad: partially missing, applied wrong(on the wrong tiles), my favorite…crooked.:confused: We learned early on that the “white tape” applications to the field are so inconsistent, :(we could not use the line sensors in our autonomous programming.

If the tiles were printed, we would either a) have the same length of straight lines every year, or b) have to buy new tiles every year.

Tape is a cheap option that allows for maximum flexibility.

One way to avoid the problems that you’ve described is to bring your own 3M tape to competitions (in case they’re missing theirs) and to volunteer to help with the field setup. I find that, when any team member is on the field helping place the tape, the tape lines tend to be straighter and more accurately placed than when it’s just the tournament volunteers placing the tape.


Seriously if your team isn’t volunteering setting up you literally have no right to speak. My team usually sends 5 people to the fields to help set up and even when I am not setting up fields I go and check progress to ensure the fields are up to my admittedly crazy standards. Usually they are but when there is a mistake I catch it when only 1 field is done incorrectly the night before the matches even start.

Even worlds has some issues like this but it is our responsibility to ask “hey can you measure that”. Sack attack worlds had a lot of the high goals positioned at 27 inches because that is what intuitively made sense. When we asked if they could measure the high goals after the PRACTICE match they promptly fixed the goals and had every division check and fix theirs as well.

If an issue isn’t noticed before the tournament often times there isn’t time to fix it or it wouldn’t be fair to switch halfway through the tournament.

HAHAHA, guys, I was kidding about being quiet about my “secret” line tracking idea. Hence this --> :smiley:

Thanks for the tape info.

For the people who are freaked out about the inconsistency of the tape, I would think that as long as it begins and ends where it needs to, there shouldn’t be an issue. If it doesn’t, then I don’t think it’d be totally out of line to kindly point out a flaw in the field.