Wouldn’t it be great if vex started making whiz nuts / flange nuts



wut is this


You can use them even if they arent made by vex…

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I have. I was saying the fact that vex should make their own instead of us going around looking for these nuts on the web


it is a type of nut if you don’t realise. Its a mixture of a nylock and star nut its screws on easy like a star nut and locks in like a nylock. :wink:


But what is the point of vex making them? They sell both of the types you mentioned, there is no need for them to “make” these.

Also, you do know that vex doesn’t actually fabricate their screws and nuts, they get them from companies like Mcmaster Carr so it would basically just cost them money to buy something that will reduce the sales of other nuts that they already sell


sorry then. Just a suggestion, depends on personal preference.


@JustinM Well they might become a little cheaper, since Vex buys them in mass amounts. If you try to buy the same vex screws at home depot they’re like 15X more expensive.


You can get the same bulk discounting by going to an industrial supplier, like Bolt Depot, MSC Industrial Supply, Global Industrial, McMaster, etc…