Who are these teams?

I am starting to do some scouting prior to worlds. I notice that there are a bunch of teams that have no OPR, robot skills or programming skills posted - this is especially true at the middle school level. Many of the teams appear to be from China. So is there an alternate database for Chinese teams that I should use? How are these teams qualifying for worlds if they have not done any tournaments or skills challenges? What can I expect from these teams at worlds? It appears that a couple of teams only participated in skills challenges and got very high scores but did not do any tournaments. If that is the case, how will they do in a tournament setting? Any insight from people that have been to worlds in the past? What am I missing here…?

This happened last year in my first year (6th grade ms). I was a scout and almost all teams from China, Singapore, and Taiwan were blank. I don’t know why, but some teams, very few, qualify because they won excellence or the tournament last year. Otherwise I am clueless, and would hope someone else knew the real answer behind it.

I do not believe the majority of Chinese events are on robotevents.com. I am not sure robotevents.com has a Chinese language view to make it practical for them and who knows how accessible the site is to them.

Many of the Chinese teams are extremely good. And if they beat out some perennial Chinese powerhouses to get to worlds, then they must be really good.

Here’s a handy pivot view of the Middle school teams registered as of now. I did a blow out on the Chinese teams (double click the pivot entry for China)

Special shout outs to 7932A from Fuqing and 8192 teams from Shanghai. They were partners of 80Y last year in middle school eliminations. I am sure this year’s Vexmen teams represented at worlds - 80W Warpath or 80M Mercury - would love to be partners this year. There are other great Chinese teams each year as well as Singapore teams 8068 and 8059.

(it’s not BOW or BOM, 80 double-u and 80 em)

Thanks, Giraffe. I figured as much. I didn’t think teams would travel all the way from China to the US and onlt be mediocre! I would sure be nice to find out what we were up against, though! I wish there were more data on the Chinese teams!

There’s a theme here…

Champs 8066A, 8066C, (Singapore), 88193A (China)
Runners up: 8192B (China), 7932A (China), 80Y (US)

Champs: 7756A, 7061B, 7663B (all China)
Runners Up: 8192A, 8192C, 8193A (all China)

Champs: 7792A (China), 8065B (Singapore), 8192D (China)
Runners Up: 8065A, 8192A, 8102C (all China)

Champs: 8066A (Singapore), 5199A (China), 2300B (Puerto Rico)
Runners Up: 2281, 2263B, 1841A (Puerto Rico)

Thanks for the spreadsheet Giraffe. My guys have been putting together their own list, but it’s nice to have everything broken down this way.