Who are you going with states to?

I’m from Texas region 2 and we have a few sights of who we want to pair with. Hopefully at our next tournament we will be for sure. Who is everyone going with at states?

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Honestly, it depends on the day. I’ve never been able to guarantee that rankings go a certain way. Typically, I want to go with the people who I’m most familiar with, from competition experience or just personal relation.

For teams that aren’t super sure who to partner with, vrc-data-analysis.com allows you to see a “trueskill” rating for each team at an event, compared to their current rank, which could help you identify teams who are just down on their luck or sleepers.


I keep reminding this to my teammates. You might notice that the OP is one of them.


Normally I would go with my sister team 6047K @Landen_Ampersand as a backup if nobody else picked us, but their main driver is going to have to leave early (around when elims start), and their backup driver has hoarded, broken SG3, and latched onto our bot every practice match that we’ve done together, so I’m probably not gonna go with them this time since I dont want to risk getting DQ’ed. I’m hoping that we’ll do well and be able to get a good (and nice) team to go with us like 41442A (@Diz’s and @DodgeDoodle_41442A‘s team, although I doubt they’ll go with us seeing as they’re the best team in the state lol), or another team that we have had interactions with that are friendly. A couple of our other sister teams would probably be good in terms of strategy and they would probably be willing to pick us, but they are known for not necessarily being the nicest so my team is probably going to go with a team from another school that we know is a nice team based on matches or conversations we’ve had with them. It really just all depends on how the day plays out for everyone.



actually he might get fed up with me by then

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20 char broiled and I have to

For our team it really depends on the performance of the other teams at state, and whether or not those teams want to pair up with us. Obviously we have been watching a lot of teams and taking notes so we do have a list of teams to try to pair up with in our state (Arizona)
Another factor is how well they work with our team, cause some teams can have a great robot but if they don’t communicate than its harder to work together to win a match.


Not 53999B because we’re 100% being placed in different divisions

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In my opinion, if you go to states with your alliance partner already picked out, you might miss out on an alliance partner that will complement your robot better than the choice you made ahead of time. I have see too many times where teams have decided who they are pairing with ahead of time only to find out there were better alliances they could have made. I have seen this at our state as well as at World’s. I say, go with an open mind and let the results of the day inform your choice. That being said, having a short list of potential choices going in is not a bad idea. But be prepared to adapt, depending on how the matches and alliance selection works out.


Haha no states in CT

We’re eyeing 619A, since we had the best synergy. The only problem is their hook broke during auton and it caused us to lose the tournament.

well about that…

What could this mean?

Can’t even talk about this because of rule T13. Was in 9th place at states, going to pair with our sister team, then some trash team above messed the whole line-up. Made it to quarters before losing but ehhhhhh. Not bad for first year.

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theres gonna be 3 divisions

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Lol that will happen.

Y’all did great, good luck next season!