Who can Compete for Excellence and Design Awards

For the Excellence Award, the Awards Appendix D states:

At VEX Worlds, only individual teams that have submitted at least two different VEX Online Challenges,
have won an Excellence Award at an official event during the current competition year, and have submitted
their Engineering Notebook will be considered for the Excellence Award.

And for the Design Award, it states:

Teams must have been awarded the Design or Excellence Award at a state/regional/provincial/national
qualifying event
to be eligible for Design at VEX Worlds. Eligible teams will be notified in advance to submit
their Engineering Notebooks at check in. Teams with high quality Engineering Notebooks will be selected for
Design Award interviews in the Team Pit Areas. Teams are not given scheduled sit-down interviews for the
Design Award at VEX Worlds.

I’m confused. Where did teams have to win their excellence and design awards in order to compete for excellence and design at Worlds? It looks like a team could have won an excellence award at any tournament to compete for the excellence award at Worlds but a team had to have won a Design Award at the state/regional/provincial/national qualifying event to compete for Design Award. It appears that the qualifications for Design Award are more stringent than the Excellence Award.

To be eligible for Design at Worlds teams must have been awarded Excellence or Design at their state/regional/provincial/national World Championship qualifying event.

To be eligible for Excellence a team must have been awarded Excellence at an official qualifying event at any level during the current season and must also have submitted at least two different online challenges.

The inclusion of the online challenge requirement for excellence actually limits the number of teams considered for Excellence at worlds substantially.