Who do you predict will be the top teams coming out of your region this year? (2022-23 Spin Up)

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1727B for sure. They got to div semis at worlds as a sophomore team.


606x (az region)


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2647X. Goated team (and Worlds Skills champs). I have confidence they’ll do well in AZ this year.


I agree with all of these.

I think 4154Z graduated, but 4154V looks like they’ll be really good, so I’m guessing you meant them. I’d they start any new teams, I imagine those might be good, too, based on how their middle school team did this year.

I’ve heard some members of LionTech X and Z are graduating, and the remaining members might combine into one team. Whatever they decide, I’m sure LionTech will continue to be a serious contender for all awards.

8471A (soon to be 5842 to match their FRC number) said they would be putting in a lot of effort this year, so I predict they will do well, too, especially since they’re making use of the forum (and the latter also applies to 7121B).

For Cyber Eagles, I know 77788H had one member graduate, and I think the rest still have at least one more year. 77788Z and most likely A and P still have several members who haven’t graduated, and likely 77788X, too (although if they only have 1-2 who stayed, those might join another team). 77788H was the best Florida team in TrueSkill who didn’t make it to Worlds this year (and maybe the best non-Worlds Florida teams overall).

Another serious contender would be 66333Z (one of the best North/Central Florida teams to miss Worlds), and maybe also 66333B.

4330 might be one to watch, too, especially if 4330M hasn’t graduated or 4330X’s remaining members are able to continue their success. The same for 50810E and 429A. Maybe also 550G based on their Worlds results, and/or other 550 teams who are still competing.


Out of high school Kansas, it will be the 67101, 4101 and 7862 teams. Depending on how teams form, I would suspect 67101C, 67101F, 4101J, 4101C and 7862D to be the top teams.


My region (Florida - North/Central) is SUPER interesting tbh. All of the major teams such as 6105C, 70857B, etc, aren’t going to be able to compete next year, since they are all seniors which are graduating. For example, one reason we were unable to qualify for worlds is because senior teams like this were overpowering our freshman team, which was still solid overall.

If I had to guess, likely a team from Bangarang or Apopka (teams from schools), however our school is also very strong, and should do well.


im hearing great things about the VEX HEX…


Out if the teams coming from kansas I would say 25900D, 67203C, 25900E, 1304x

They are soooooo underrated, best team in Tennessee by a long shot

Out of Utah, I would say 98548AE, and 15486H

Hawaii has a lot of Seniors on a lot of teams this year, so next year is a toss up, but for HS, its always a case that 359A is always a strong team, 4142 ABC is always a strong school, same with 42700 BDCE.

I’m hoping to get the kids that went to my HS up there, 3685 BC, and now they will be getting a 3685 A team from my 8th graders.

5968 and 1887 is always a contender when it comes to competitions too.

MS is always 394 AB, hoping for 27301 ABC since thats my school haha, 359 is pushing a middle school team for VRC now, so that will be a upset for us.

2463A is always a contender for our state as well, as well as 38501

I think out of Arkansas it’ll be

Texas R2 HS:
Top 4:
580X 4148E 4148A 5408D
Other good team/org:
1082, 22204, 7110
Texas R2 MS:
Top 2 team/org:
15979K, 87867
Other good team/org:
10820 will be not as good but still good. 6364 and 2148 could be good, I really don’t know what they will be like next year.

I think Nebraska will be dominated by 3141A/X, other 3141 teams will also do well, but not as well. 8675 also has a lot of good talent, some of their middle schoolers are coming up into high school and another good person will be coming back after taking a one year off of vex. 1970Z is also good, although sometimes inconsistent. 1064C were freshmen that are on the rise that I can see doing really well. I don’t know about some of the top middle school teams and if they are going to compete in high school, but @91416N did well at the middle school level, I see them doing well when they continue on to high school.


I’d say just 98548E (since Peter is retiring), 98548_ (my future team [for MS]), 15486H, and 2131E and F.

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I’m hoping 7996B will be a going to be a top team in arizona next year lol

There loosing a lot of their team because they were seniors though, right?


2145Z in VA is gonna go out with a bang. Besides exobytes and rogue one, the most consistent team in VA. Super competitive in every event they’re at and defending State Champs.


Also 46T (the other defending state champs)