Who does Sponsors?


My robotics program is student run and I have recently taken over and we still need a lot of stuff as we had 2 teams this year and we can expect to have at least 6 teams next year. So that leads me to my question who normally gets sponsors for your teams.



I would talk to Engineering companies in your area. They are a good source. You just need to ask around with local companies.

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I also need sponsors. I’m gonna ask companies I have connections in, and also other organizations that sponsor other teams.



Every big business does advertising and marketing. Don’t limit yourself to engineering firms. Go to any company that anyone on your team has a personal connection.



STEM Robotics sponsors teams every year. We go to bigger sponsors and get grants to spread to to other teams. We are presently focusing on teams that are mostly/all girls or are home schooled.

Send me a note ad pitch what you are looking for and what STEM Robotics would get out of it (Robot placement/ tshirt placement, etc).

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If you are on a team with multiple kids get as many links as possible. See if their parents can ask whoever they work for if they can hook them up with sponsorships.



our trip to worlds was completely funded by sponsors. our biggest donation was 1000$ from a local engineering firm. just ask engineering firms in your area and you’d probably find someone who would bite. but don’t limit your self to firms. one of my mentors told me it’s ok to ask for money from local business cause she said 500$ wasn’t that much money for them. that it was just a “write-off”. take with that what you will.

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