Who else is mad that vex has delayed iq text for 6 months

I’m kinda mad because vex has been delaying the release of iq text I was if anyone else felt this way.

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If you want to use text based programming for VEXIQ, you can use RobotC, which is free.

Is it the same as like v5 text

I used Robotc but it’s way less resources and its less accurate.

Why would you say it’s less accurate. IQ has very limited resources, ROBOTC is about as good as it gets, I never found any issues using it beyond the inherent limitations that IQ has.


:drow: :jpearman: :lock:. This topic isn’t doing much good as it wont change the release date of IQ text unless VEX completely forgot about it, which I doubt they did. I don’t see the necessity of raging at VEX. They work very hard at something they love and we love: robotics. Without them, we wouldn’t be playing these competitions and using the tech we do to play them. We have gotten along with what we have for this long. We can’t expect the newest version of everything to come out on the exact date that they are said to supposed to come out on. There are many factors that VEX has to deal with when developing new hardware and software. Imagine if they released it with a bug in it. You start driving and something doesn’t work even though you have coded it perfectly. These things need to be precise. Just give them time. It will come. No disrespect meant @ajw98, but could we please think of the practical effects before posting something like this?


I do know that this would do nothing but I just wanted to vent a little and I have a small feeling that their going to release it at virtual worlds hopefully. Thanks for the incite @Dimension_360

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It is targeted for preview at the end of May.

VEXcode VR is our primary focus at the moment due to COVID, but VEXcode 2.0 is still in development. ROBOTC is a great stand-in for the time being as James mentioned.


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Please say some more for this. My “daily driver” for text code is still RobotC. I really like Robot Mesh blocks and the Python code, take a look at that.

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I don’t like robotc because its all timing based but I really didn’t dive that deep into it and if their is an accurate way to judge distance I will probably change my mind.

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You definitely didn’t dive very deep.
Like most IQ languages, you have precise motor control using the integrated encoders and PID.
ROBOTC gives you pretty much all the control you could possibly need.


ok thanks
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can you point me in a direction of some resources for coding for iq in robotc

I am really mad because I only have it at my house and I have been making vision sensor code and I cannot test it easily on the in bots.

ROBOTC has an excellent integrated help file and example programs so start with these. If you have any specific questions, just shout.


thanks alot
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Im so mad, I wanted to use IQ Text so bad

I am curious to know what people are hoping for from VEXcode IQ Text that ROBOTC doesn’t do.
From a UI point of view, VEXcode is certainly more modern and the multi-OS support is obviously a big improvement, but from a coding features point of view, what features would you like to see that ROBOTC doesn’t have?