Who is the best organization in your opinion?

So being the best organization is by far the hardest achievement in vex to do. It requires so much effort. What I mean is that the best organization can consistently get one or multiple teams to worlds THEN to round robins or maybe even win the entire thing while going through a cycle of different team members every year.

the best organization off the top of my head, in my opinion, is probably 5225 e-bots.

5225a have won worlds twice and made it to round robins nearly every year. I mean that is pretty hard to beat.

and other organzations would maybe be:
80-92 vexmen

idk what do you guys think


Unicorn Man Is The Best

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If we count organizations that are no longer in operation I would say Green Egg Robotics team 44 because of their dominance


2011 from Brecksville, Ohio won Excellence at Worlds this year. They also won Ohio State.

Edited to add: (Hear me out here) Its not all about the most competitive teams. I’ve seen (and heard) of 2011 taking robotics noobs and turning them into pros. They have spectacular notebooking, excellent scouting, and quite a few good drivers. But, on top of that, their mentors are great. From what I’ve heard, they know just when to step in and when to let the students figure it out. They truly are an Ohio powerhouse.


Some others, off the top of my head:

For middle school, 8065/8066 and 8068 would be up there.

574, mainly the past two years.

365 for Skills. (I remember seeing them in Skills finals for both Starstruck and this year.)


169 consistently makes dome appearances, and all their teams do fairly well to very well in their divisions.


If we’re going based on organization success, I think that some of these entries aren’t necessarily accurate because it reflects the success of singular teams. I would say that 169, 2011, and 8059 are probably my top 3


yeah 44 was nuts, especially in toss up


4478 is a serious contender for best organization, as they consistently have teams that do very well, and have obviously built a successful program. Having spoken to Bradley a good bit, I would really want to be a part of Masuk.


However, that’s an example of a singular team that was super powerful, so I think that they would be eliminated from organizational greatness

Thank you! It means a lot to receive recognition, though our case definitely could’ve been better if our Worlds teams this year had been a little more lucky!


Man Toss Up wasn’t even 44’s best year.

That bot was insane, but look at their Round Up robot, or their Elevation robot.

They’ve had incredibly well designed and amazing robots for years.


4478 is easily the best organization in SNE


8000 without a doubt.


Isn’t the correct answer always “mine” ?

(sorry could not resist)

[edit - seriously, there are so many metrics for success - you are all amazing for putting yourselves out there and being supported by your organizations…]


I would say team 44 Green Eggs Robotics due to how they played the early games. Just look at their robot for Round Up. It shows how creative they are and how they looked for the obscure ways to play the VEX gamesAlso, team 5225 E Bots is one of the top teams when it comes for programming. They spent 2 years on developing an absolute position tracking code that helped them have an amazing auton skills for ITZ.


2915 with out a doubt. They won 3 world championships, 3 world skills, and a world excellence. In vexU, they won worlds excellence, worlds skills, and the world championship.


Oh man. 1104, 2131, 169, and 8059 all come to mind, 3324 in middle school is ridiculous, and IFT, VCAT, and XJTU in Vex U have been dominant. And in the past, 2915 and 44 were the best of the best.


Going forward I see Pigpen doing really well with high school. I remember them being good as a middle school team but this year as a freshman team they just knocked it out of the park.


Although, I do think there is a difference between a great team and a great organization. A great team has an optimal blend of team members that are a winning combination. However, after that particular team ages out, the organization might not be nearly as “winning.” A great organization can transcend individual team members and consistently perform. Although, as @lacsap pointed out, the only metric to a great organization should not necessarily be it’s win percentage. I’m sure that’s highly debatable, though.