Who is the best organization in your opinion?

@Anomaly 3324 in middle school is ridiculous


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Sorry I don’t agree with people who report posts and then brag about it.


I agree, 929 teams or Hereford Zone Robotics have been pretty dominant in Maryland, and are pretty competitive at worlds. 929U made it to rr last year, and also was picked by 1st seed this year. 929X was also in eliminations for worlds this year and last year. From Maryland, I believe Hereford took 5 or 6 spots for worlds, so I would nominate them for best organization. On top of that, their iq program is really good, also sending about 4 of them to worlds this year.


Aaron didn’t build the robots lol

In terms of an organization i think 169 has constantly had incredible results. For the past couple of years they have had at least 1 team that makes RR (I know they made it in ITZ and TP and i’d assume other years prior.) This year for example we even almost had 2 169 teams make RR. Eli also seems like a cool mentor and must be doing something right for this much consistency in quality.


I wish we could go with by region as well. I think it should be one of those things where if the team shows up at worlds. We could look at where they came from as well.

I agree, and I am about to post a thread about this.

Edit: Here it is: Best Organizations by Region

The best organizations outlast a single kid/group of kids. Great mentors lead to great programs and if you’ve talked to @meng for more than 5 seconds you would understand how great 8059 really is. Sad to see those guys go.

On that note, Eli and the boys over at 169 are definitely at the top of that conversation too.


How bout some 9364 love? middle school world excellence this year, design in high school, top 50 skills in the world back to back…

The 5225A team performed much better in RR than the 6627 team. And, if we are talking about good organizations, 6627A had a hole-count of the skyline robots. That is not really a good look for “best organization”


@lewie.eath - thanks for your kind words.

just yesterday, my students were just commenting that it is so sad to see that it was your last worlds.
But matthew (dropped by the lab) mentioned that you have got accepted to one of the top universities! That great! :slight_smile:

Anyway, there might still be a chance that we might stay on in VRC… we are waiting for Asia IFI to give us the confirmation regarding the signature event in Singapore.

But I am pretty sure there will be another group of ppl that will feel sad if we decided to stay. lol…


6627a has had that robot since December. They literally have not really changed it since. Only adding a cap stacker that they never use. They can’t even double shot. However this was made up by their insane driving skill. They have made World Finals and RR two years in a row. They won the google signature event and was dqued in California state finals (the whole 448X thing). They are consistently on top at tournaments all over California. However, a large part of their team has just graduated, we will see how they do next season.

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12 and 10227 teams from Potomac

Great VRC and VIQ teams


169 also has robots that look pretty similar every year - I’m not sure if that’s because they learn closely from each other, or because they work together to establish what works, and then tune it differently from there. Think about that a bit too.

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That pales in comparison to historical stories I’ve heard of in VEX, including old history of the program I now currently mentor.

yikes - care to share?

I’m working on a more detailed ranking that I will release later. But for now, here is a quick scraped together ELO ranking I made. This data is very skewed because teams that competed every year (169A) are rated higher than teams who only competed a few years (44). 169 takes the overall organization success with 169A & 169Y in the top 25 all time results.


The issue with this is that some teams aren’t necessarily organizations - they might be two or three people, and at that point, i don’t know if that’s the focus of the question.


With all due respect, I wouldn’t take ELO rating too seriously.

It depends on how many competitions the teams were involved in, and how competitive were those tournaments (and other factors of course), etc.

Basically, the data will be too skewed for this purpose.

And also, the data shows individual teams, it doesn’t say much about the region or organisations.
Eg. Don’t think any China teams are in the list… but i will certainly put Shanghai Youth Activity Centre up in the list.


We <3 169 especially Eli !