Who likes to use bent metal?

I wanted to know who likes to use bent metal on robots, and who does not.

I think the results will be interesting.

Here is the poll: .

Feel free to reply on this thread with why you do/do not like using bent metal.

No. Never unless it’s necessary. And now that I have access to lexan, I’d rather use that. The bendy metal bits are unsound. I use only when I need to extend something, or I need a backplate. And lexan is a better backplate, as well as much lighter.

I never use bent metal for structural purposes, but I do use it for guards and custom mechanisms. I assume this also includes strapping?


Depends on what purpose that that the metal’s shape/form was used for…
If it were to be the 1x25 flat bar and it were bent, I would just unbend it and use it for structural support for objects that aren’t supposed to be bent (Like the 5x25’s, 3x25’s, and 2x25’s), since the 1x25 flat bars’ are built specifically to be bent.

Honestly, I kind of like the 1x25 pre-bent metal, since they were pre-bent and we have an anvil for easy unbending and fixing, but I don’t like the 5x25’s being bent… Because usually the 5x25’s are for structure which could be dramatically weakened when bent…