Who participates in Excellence award at World's

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We have several teams at our schools. Each of the teams have competed individually (as teams) at local/regional events for the Excellence award as well as other awards. Some have earned the right to participate in the World competition because of their receipt of the excellence award.

There is now confusion amongst our teams - who participates at the World’s for excellence as well as other awards. Do we compete as one school or do we continue to compete as a single team?

I read the following from the recent email blast
[INDENT]6 Days Left to Nominate for Awards & Sign-up for Interviews!
Teams registered for World Championship should visit:
Robot Events to submit entries for the Teacher of
the Year Award, Mentor of the Year Award, Community Award,
Teamwork Award, Educate Award, Inspire Award, and Innovate Award.
Teams seeking to be considered for the Excellence Award and the
Design Award also need to visit this site and schedule an appointment
for their Excellence and/or Design Award interview. To be eligible for
any of the awards mentioned above during World Championship,
teams must submit their 500-word entries no later than April 1, 2013 at
11:59 pm Central time.

As I read the above statement it mentions “teams”.

However, in the documentation about the World Championships is states the following:
[INDENT]Please note that at the World Championship, the Excellence Award is earned by an entire club, not just a single team. Each qualified club may have one interview spot. Details may be found in Appendix-E-Awards of the game manual.[/INDENT]

This is what has created the confusion. If we have three teams qualified and three teams attending - do we choose who does the interview? Is there only one interview for all three teams? We have competed individually since April of last year - do we combine at this time to make the Excellence presentation?

When I read Appendix-E-Awards as directed above I read the following concerning the excellence award:
[INDENT]This is the highest award presented in the VEX Robotics Competition. The recipient of this award is a team that exemplifies overall excellence in creating a well-rounded VEX robotics program. This team excels in many areas and is a shining example of dedication, devotion, hard work and teamwork. As a strong contender in numerous award categories, this team deserves to be recognized for building a quality robot and a “team” committed to quality in everything that they do.[/INDENT]
As you can see, the Appendix E refers back to TEAMS and not to CLUBS.

Can someone give us some clarification please? We will need to change our approach based on the feedback.

Thanks in advance.

Only one Excellence interview will be scheduled per club. If there are multiple teams in the club that have qualified to be considered for the Excellence award at worlds then the Excellence interview score will be entered into the excellence calculator for each team in the club that has won the Excellence Award at a qualifying event this year. All other points in the calculator will be given to each team based on their individual performance at Worlds. Teams in separate divisions may be considered for the Divisional Excellence award in their division however the overall Excellence Award will be given to the whole club, not just one team.