Who should drive the robot on the team

My team is not sure who is going to drive the robot. We are looking for ways to deside who is going to do it. As always people want to drive the robot. Any ideas how to figure this out. I have already had the idea of a mini tournament.

You can have every one do a skills challenge and whoever scores the most drives.

what kind of skills challenges

this link explains it. https://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/vrc-starstruck/VRC-2016-17-Appendix-B-Robot-Skills-Challenge-081616.pdf

to summarize have each member drive for 60 seconds and try to score the most . who ever scores the most in their 60 seconds is your drive.

oops sorry wrong link that was for last years competition

Thank you for the help.

Only let an xbox or ps4 gamer drive

Also, don’t be to quick to rule out someone new even if they are terrible at first. Our freshman team’s driver scored 8 points in 1:45 on the 24th, then went 7 qualifying matches and the quarter finals undefeated on the 28th (good schedule helped a lot). If we wrote him off as a bad driver and left the previous year’s driver in that position, their team may not have done nearly as well.

Although, I think this should be open for a revisit during the season. If someone practices and gets better, they should have a chance at driving. Plus, someone that drives at a team meeting and scores well, might not do well under the pressure of an actual competition. They’ll need to be fast on their feet and not panic. If after a competition, it appears that the selected driver can’t handle the pressure of driving, you should revisit the decision.

I think whoever can and will put the most time into practicing should be the driving.

I agree with this. Though my team may have people that are more naturally skilled at driving a robot, I am willing to come after school and practice, which others aren’t able to. So, even though I may not be the best driver right now, I am the driver because I have the time and commitment to practice constantly.

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Also make sure you have a backup driver in case something happens to your main driver(sickness, fatigue, frazzled, etc.). Overall to answer your question, I have found that its a combination of wanting to drive and having time to practice driving, if you have both of these then you’re guaranteed to have a great driver.