Who Should I Visit...

Who should I go visit at Worlds?

my table.:smiley:

If you want to see a very weird design, come find us. No one is quite expecting what we’ve got. Even we don’t believe what we’ve done.

Look for the people in bright yellow.

You could come visit me lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Our table! :slight_smile:

Come visit our table!

I will stop by your pit because I won’t have one.:frowning:

Did you not qualify?

Oh, our pit will have 2 banners (1 Indiana State Championship Banner, and a 323Z Aftershock banner). It will also have a cool green light that shines on our banner and flashes(?). It should be cool :wink:

Fog machine anyone?

Fog machine would be awesome Jessie. Great job at Nationals btw.

No, according to my team if we spent more time perfecting our robot and less time on the Tabor drive Tabor lift and side plates we would have qualified.
Maybe I will get chosen on the waiting list though. (fingers crossed)
I will be at Worlds hanging out with everyone and doing practice matches with how my robot is now if you want to see how much better an H drive is to a Tabor drive at strafing.

I would swing by and talk but I’m not able to go stupid college. But me team will be there, be sure to stop by and say hello.

Oh, ok.

Forget perfecting the other junk. TABOR DRIVE IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT!!!

Yes it would. You to!

teamate “intake didnt deploy right”
me “who cares we have a Tabor Drive”

teamate “you just descored during a robot skills run you need to practice more”
me “Tabor Drive is so much fun why would i need sacks in trough during robot skills run”

Come visit us! Last year I was surprised by how many people came asking about our robot, but I guess word spreads when you have something different (especially last year).

Visit our table you will be amazed by the displays we are bringing. You’l see us when We get there.

TEAM 4549B

They would probably be less against it if you named it… well something which suggests that your teammates helped on the robot :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally believe that everyone should visit the ROBOTC booth at least 16 times. Why 16 times? The question instead should be ‘Why not 16 times’? :slight_smile:

Why not?

Well because if you limit it to 15 then you’ll need one less bit to store the number of times each person visits your booth!

With cortex memory how it is, you should conserve it as much as you can!

time to write a for loop to do the visiting to the robot C booth for me… :smiley: