Who should we lobby for as a speaker at Vex Worlds?

I will throw out the first idea.

Lobby to get Simone Giertz to come to Vex Worlds this coming year. (Maybe if she agreed to a PG-filter) She encompasses the build your robots to do weird things - that may not always work well, but always have high comedic value. Just what aspiring roboteers need - inspiration yet approachable to make cool crazy robots.

For instance, the popcorn helmet:

More can be found here:

Prof Hugh Herr

hands down a most inspirational person to those who overcome major obstacles to better themselves and others.

As long as it isn’t Tony Hawk…

Nicholas Frasier

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Adam Savage

Big Man Tyrone


I would love to see adam savage at worlds.

I second Neil deGrasse Tyson, and I also second the “as long as it’s not Tony Hawk”. That was embarrassing that year.

+1 for Adam Savage

+1 for Savage as well!!

+1 for Savage!

Maybe Jamie Heinemann Too

But maybe the next president? If Hilary wins I could totally imagine her going on and on about STEM careers for women at worlds. Not sure if Trump would do the same, but I think he would approve of Starstruck lol

Not superlative enough.

“Super awesome, better than all the losers, best there has ever been and ever will be, game only for winning winners, Starstruck!”

+10000 for Savage

@Karthik Make this happen

Savage or …

How about just the whole Mythbusters crew? If they really wanted, they might be able to run an episode at Worlds, which would be great publicity for Vex.

The Mythbusters show is over, so they wouldn’t be filming any episodes. They had their last ever episode not too long ago.

Elon Musk

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